Six endangered species need your help!
Adopt one and give it the chance to survive.

© Fletcher & Baylis / WWF-Indonesia


© V.R. Sinha / WWF-Canon


© A. Nekrasov / WWF-Canon


© M. Gunther / WWF-Canon

Loggerhead sea turtle

© WWF-Canada / Geoff York

Polar bear

© Bernard De Wetter / WWF-Canon


Your support will contribute significantly to WWF's activities in Greece and worldwide

What would children’s dreams consist of, if lions, tigers and dolphins were to disappear from our world?

Some species are so prominent in our imagination that they have become the face of biodiversity. The struggle to conserve them is the very struggle to keep our connection with nature alive.

Choose the animal you love most and support WWF’s activities in Greece and the rest of the world. We will send you a welcome package including a poster with the animal as well as our quarterly magazine “Living Planet”, weekly online newsletter. At the end of the year you will receive a receipt of your donation for tax purposes.

Being our supporter you are granted 10% off all WWF products from our eshop.