The Caretta turtle spends all its life in the sea. However, it needs the sand in order to create a nest for its baby turtles. The Greek beaches, primarily those of Zakynthos, host 60% of nest all over the Mediterranean sea.

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Help us secure the future of this ancient animal!

Thanks to your adoption:

  • We protect the Sekania beach which is the single most important beach for the Caretta nests all over the Mediterranean.
  • We actualize corrosive constructions for the quality of the sand in order for the caretta turtles to dig their nests.
  • WWF volunteers remove regularly the garbage which the sea brings out.
  • We participate in the management board of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos which works for the protection of the Laganas Gulf.
  • We educate citizens as well as raise awareness regarding the extreme danger of sea pollution by urban litter.

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